Life After PAX

We're hitting the ground running after PAX South (shout out if you are here from the mailing list!)

We went to San Antonio with just a game trailer, resigned to the fact that we might have a hard time standing out in a playground of game stations and eSports, but the encouragement and enthusiasm for our blossoming project went beyond our expectations. Wow! Thanks so much.  People also got a kick out of our booth and it's seedy motel aesthetic.

We left PAX with renewed confidence in the project, but with one sobering reminder: It's time for a demo. 

We got started right away, and here is our progress:

We put some interactivity in the motel room. Working in Unity with the scene manager, a transition plugin, the relatively new video player, and UI elements like input fields and buttons, we made this scene come to life (kind of). 


The typewriter needs a lot of love, but its a start. It will serve as the tool for our song writing mechanic (more on that and other game play designs later).

We intend to have lots of easter eggs in the TV. The goal for next week is to get our main character, CW,  out of the motel room and exploring the town a bit.

Note: this is very much a prototype, even though some the art looks finished. I want to to add event animations of CW getting up and walking to the typewriter, door, TV, etc. when you click on it. 

We're going to be keeping this updated every step of the way and elaborate on our design goals. 


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